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Pet TeleHealth Service Launches in Ontario

Veterinarians available seven days a week and just a phone call away. Guelph, ON, March 27, 2017 – Ontario Veterinary TeleHealth Services began operations this month in Guelph, with hopes to increase access to quality veterinary expertise to pet owners. The service, called TelehealthPets, provides reliable veterinary consultations, allowing pet parents to feel more in controlof the health and wellness decisions that affect their pet’s quality of life.

“Pets are family members now, and their ‘pet parents’ want the same trusted information and peace of mind they can get for their kids. TelehealthPets allows pet parents instant access to trusted information from the comfort of their home, or wherever they may be. If they feel empowered and relieved at the end of a call – we know we’ve done our job well.”

Garth Graham, founder and director of Ontario Veterinary TeleHealth Services.

This service is breaking new ground in the veterinary industry. It’s providing pet owners with increased accessibility to veterinary care, especially to those that may have trouble getting to a clinic or to those with limited financial resources. TelehealthPets can be relied upon for a wide range of pet parent concerns such as whether or not a pet needs urgent medical care, what vaccines and flea products to use, and second opinions on tough decisions like surgery and euthanasia.

“My favourite call so far was from a pet parent who called about their dog who got into the garbage that night. I helped them understand the situation, discussed some of the risks and things to watch for, and then gave them my professional advice. After we addressed her concerns, she told me that she felt empowered with the information and recommendations I had given her.”

TelehealthPets Veterinarian.